LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" operates assets responsibly and is dedicated to protecting the health, safety, and environment of the communities in which we operate. We continually look for ways to enhance our safety performance, reduce our environmental impact, and improve our relationship with those who live and work near our assets.


We are a proud operator focused on reliability, pipeline integrity, and service to our customers. We currently own and operate 10 tank farms across the Russian Federation. And transport more than 1.5 billion barrels of crude oil and refined products annually through 3800 pipeline miles across the Russian Federation and 5 neighboring countries. Our various non-operated ownership interests add an additional 8000 pipeline miles to our portfolio unlocking multiple interfaces to share best-practices with other pipeline operators.


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LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" Plant is the central element in our vertically integrated value chain that provides us complete operational control over our processing needs and access to higher-yielding marketing channels for our stable gas condensate. Our Plant processes unstable gas condensate into stable gas condensate and natural gas liquids (NGL).
All of the NGL volumes (for LPG production) produced at the plant are delivered by pipeline all across the Region of Russia Federation on Petrochemical Complex for further processing or transshipment to exports, with the remaining volume of stable gas condensate sold directly from the plant to the domestic market.