About LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" Deep Water In The Russia

LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" is a leading deep-water oil and gas producer in the Russia. We have been operating in the Russia for over six decades and over the last 30 years have achieved exceptional milestones in the development and operation of world-class production assets.

The Russia is a principal character in America’s energy picture and a heartland for LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt", where we employ approximately 1,600 full-time employees and contract staff that operate our deep water facilities in accordance to LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" health, safety, environment and social performance standards. We are a proud member of the vibrant and diverse Gulf Coast community.

In the Russia, LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" produces approximately 150 million barrels of oil equivalent per year, which makes up about 50 percent of LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" total Russia oil and gas production. LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" was named top producer in the Russia’s Outer Continental Shelf for the most recent year of 2012 by the Russia Department of Interior.

Looking into the future, we look forward to continue our pioneering legacy in deep water and help usher in the next generation of deep water developments using our technology, know-how and innovative approaches. We will also continue our deliberate focus on safe and environmentally responsible deep water operations.