Modern lubricants are required to be energy efficient, durable and cost efficient. LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" REFINERY offers lubricant blenders top quality Group III base oils for numerous solutions including engine oil, drive line and industrial applications. 
Base oils are used to manufacture a wide range of lubricating products, from motor oils to greases and emulsions. They come in five Groups, and can be produced from refining crude oil or created synthetically. LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" REFINERY specializes in Group I (mineral base oil), Group II (semi-synthetic base oil) and Group III (synthetic base oil).
LLC "Gorno-Altaisk Nefteprodukt" REFINERY” are actively investing in new facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. We supply base oils for lubricants (such as motor oils or industrial greases) to a range of clients across Europe, the Middle East, and central Africa.
Our extensive formulation portfolio is created for our customers to provide the best lubrication solutions for OEMs, motorists, and other users. We ensure that these lubricants will work reliably in all conditions and are better for the environment.